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Cultivation of Odontoglossum


For growing Odontoglossum we would recommend:-

  • Day 15 – 23°C (59 – 73°F)
  • Night 10 – 15°C (50 – 59°F)


  • Where possible we would recommend using rainwater, particularly if your orchid is in sphagnum moss.
  • If your orchid has been grown in peat and perlite it’s important to let the compost dry out between waterings BUT if your plant has been raised in a rockwool mix, you should never let it dry out completely or the rockwool will harden. If this happens, you’ll have great difficulty getting the rockwool to hold enough water again.
  • Plants grown in a sphagnum moss mix should be allowed to dry slightly before watering once more.
  • Never stand the plant in excess water but make sure that it’s allowed to drain away. Be especially careful if the pot is placed inside another container where the water may get trapped.


Feed your plant regularly with orchid fertiliser when you water. Every fourth watering leave out the fertiliser to allow any build up of salts to be washed from the compost. Plants in poor condition should have very low levels of fertiliser, if any, until a substantial root system is reestablished.


Normally your plant will produce a single spike, although sometimes large mature plants will produce several. The flowers may last five to seven weeks. Peak flowering times are late autumn/winter or late spring.

In order to get maximum pleasure from your plant in flower, place it in a cool corner. When the plant has finished flowering cut the flower stem to within three centimetres of the base.

Other Hints

  • Never stand your plant too close to a heater or radiator, nor in a draught.

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