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Cultivation of Dactylorhiza

Dactylorhiza plants are suitable for garden or container culture. They are hardy and herbaceous. Roots develop throughout Winter, leaves in March/April and flowers in Summer.

Garden Care

Dactylorhiza are suitable for most garden soils and prefer a shady or semi-shady spot with good drainage. Moisture is important and the plants should never dry out completely at the roots; a naturally damp, but not boggy, position is therefore desirable.

The leaves die back in Winter but the plants are fully hardy and do not require lifting or protection. They will form a large attractive clump.

Container Care

Dactylorhiza require re-potting/dividing every year in July or August; a full size tuber should double every year.. They have a large root system so use deep pots.

They are tolerant of a range of compost mixes; we would recommend a multipurpose compost (one third) and grit/sand/perlite (one third). Plant with the tip just below the surface and cover with an inch of coarse horticultural grit.

Keep the compost moist throughout the year. We do not use fertiliser on our plants. There is no need for frost protection.

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