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Cultivation of Bletilla Striata

Purple Ground Orchid

  • Suitable for garden or pot culture.
  • An easy to grow, fragrant, cool-growing orchid which is hardy in most areas of the UK. Can also be grown on a cool windowsill or in an alpine house.

Garden Care

  • Choose a sheltered spot out of the noon sun. Bletilla striata prefers a slightly moist soil. Containerised plants in growth can be planted out any time, otherwise plant pseudobulbs in the autumn, about 5 cms deep.
  • When in growth, water freely during dry spells.
  • After flowering, the leaves will die back for winter dormancy. Leave in the ground all year.


Indoor Care

Pot/repot annually after the leaves have died down in autumn or in early spring before growth emerges.

The plant will grow best where maximum temperatures do not exceed 18 degrees C with cooler nights, so avoid placing near heat source. Likes good light, an east facing windowsill is fine. When dormant, place in a cool greenhouse or similar frost-free environment.

Water the compost carefully from the top when it is almost dry. When growth appears, water more freely but do not stand overlong in water. Rainwater, if available. Water only very occasionally during dormancy.

Feed after flowering and until the leaves begin to die down using quarter strength general garden fertiliser.

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